Transfer of shares – summary

Sure Formations LTD can assist any limited company or limited company shareholder to transfer part of its share allocation.

After you’ve registered your company , you may look to transfer your shares between shareholders. With years of experience and combined knowledge of UK accounting and company procedures, we can help you transfer shares within your limited company in the right way.

Our team will collect the necessary details for the transfer of shares, including the directors and shareholders involved and the exact shares structure before preparing the share transfer form and any other paperwork required. We’ll then file the changes with Companies House.

We take care of all the compliance required on the transfer of shares from one person to another (including the transfer of shares from one director to another).

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Transfer of shares service – how it works

Preparation of stock transfer form

Our service includes the preparation of the Stock Transfer Form (J30) which a shareholder must complete to transfer ownership of their shares to a third person.

Completion of board minutes documentation
We will also complete the meeting minutes (as required under section 248 of the Companies Act 2016) which your directors must approve and then your company must issue minutes from the board meeting during which the transfer of shares was authorised.

Certificates demonstrating new company share owner and details

Our experts draw up the necessary certification showing your company’s revised share structure documenting the names and percentage stakes of each individual shareholder.

Transfer of shares Companies Act 2016 – frequently asked questions

How long will this take?

Once we have all the information from you that we require, you will receive the documentation required to start the process within 2 working days.

The person transferring the shares and the person to whomthe shares are being transferred must complete the stock transfer form we sendout. Please send that back to us when completed.

I set up my company with another formation agent. Can you help?

Regretfully, this is a service that we are currently unable to assist you with.

Which classes of share can I transfer under this service?

With this service, you may only transfer ordinary company shares. We can not assist you in the transfer of non-ordinary company shares nor can we amend your Articles of Association. We advise you to contact a solicitor for either of these requirements.

What is stamp duty?

When any shares are transferred where the total value of the shares transferred are £1,000 or more, you must record this on a stock transfer form and send it within 30 days to HMRC. Upon receipt of the stock transfer form, HMRC will issue a tax demand equivalent to 0.5% of the value of the shares transferred. This stamp duty is paid by the person to whom the shares are transferred.

Will Companies House change the details about my company on their website straight away?

No. You must complete a confirmation statement (which replaced the annual return) explaining the new shareholding structure within your business for the changes to be recorded at Companies House. It is a legal requirement to do so.

Can I do this myself?

You can download both transfer of shares agreement templates and transfer of shares document samples from various different internet sites. However, given the complex requirements of the Companies Act 2016 and the involvement of HMRC in any share transfer with a nominal value of £1,000 or more, we recommend that you use an experienced advisory service like that which we offer at Sure Formations LTD.

What help can you provide?

In addition to the service, our experts are available via email and phone for support and advice at no extra charge.