All-inclusive core accountancy service

We offer a convenient extensive core accounting service for limited companies in the UK. A core accountancy service is not practically creating documents as well as filing it with the relevant authorities. When you start using our service, you can ask us continuous inquiries as well as we can supply professional tax recommendations whenever you require it.

It's our objective to be as helpful as possible to you as you embark on your trip of becoming a company Director. We will certainly appoint a professional accountant as your key call-- that will certainly always be on hand to answer your concerns and also address your concerns-- as part of our service.

Our core accounting service consists of all company accounts and tax return as standard. However, it also consist of lots of other services at no extra cost, such as confirmation of statement filling, Vat & Paye registration.

Below are the breakdowns of our accountancy service.

  • Company year-end accounts (including Companies House filing)
  • Company corporation tax return (to HMRC)
  • Dealing with HMRC and becoming your authorised agent
  • Company annual confirmation statement filing (with Companies House)
  • Company secretarial services — e.g. filing changes to company officers, address or structure
  • Registering director(s) and shareholder(s) with HMRC for self-assessment
  • Filing self-assessment tax returns with HMRC for director(s) and shareholder(s)
  • VAT registration
  • Management accountsadvice
  • Payroll (including annual payroll for directors)

Voluntary add-ons:

  • Filing quarterly VAT returns: £10 per month
  • Bookkeeping and management accounts preparation: £20 per hour

Together, we will agree the services to be supplied as well as regular monthly charge in a transparent letter of engagement specifically for your service.

Can I utilise your core accountancy service even if I have not formed my company with you?

Yes, you can use us as your accounting firm even if you do not register a company with us. However, we require your details, including the company name, web filling authentication code, the name of Director and shareholder.

When and exactly how often are business accounts submitted?

For any company, accounts need to be filed every financial year. For a new company, accounts need to be filed within 21 months of incorporation or within 9 months of your accounting reference date (ARD).

I only traded briefly or for part of the year.Can I not simply file dormant account ?

No, if a company has taken on any type of trading at all throughout its financial year, dormant accounts can not be filed and also a company income tax return must be filed. We can talk about an affordable solution with you if there has been marginal trading.

What penalty is imposed by companies house for late filing?

The penalty for late filling depends on the amount of time that has actually passed considering that the deadline day. The following apply to private limited companies. The penalty is doubled if your accounts are late two years in a row.

  • Up to one month: £150
  • One to three months: £375
  • Three to six months: £750
  • More than six months: £1,500

Do directors and shareholders have to file a tax return in addition to company accounts?

Yes, HMRC demands that limited company directors sign up for self-assessment as well as file personal income tax return. By law, taxable income (e.g. dividends as a shareholder) needs to be disclosed to HMRC as well as there are fines as well as interest applied for late submission and late payment of individual tax obligation.

What happens after I purchase the all-inclusive accountancy service?

Your dedicated senior accountant will introduce themselves to you, answer any questions you may have and provide a letter of engagement. Once you have signed this letter and provided any required ID (if you have not already provided ID for incorporation — for example, if you are opting for our service having already incorporated your business), we can commence the service. We will request additional information needed depending on the service provided.