Live call answering – summary

Never miss a call and benefit from much more time to build own business, handle new sales enquiries, and look after customers needing support. When someone calls your company, they’re looking for specific advice,information, and support at that particular time and there’s very little which frustrates customers as much as not having their calls answered.

Our expert team will have your business information at their fingertips, so when a client calls we know how to handle your call and have important information about your business to help make the callers experience one of pure professionalism. We greet your clients on the phone, answer in your business name and also have other vital information to help the call go smoothly. Your callers assume they are speaking with an in house PA from your own business and are unaware that they are speaking to a virtual PA.

We can also screen clients on your behalf and then either divert to your telephone number or take a message on your behalf. Our expert highly trained team are flexible so as your daily circumstances change so too can the call handling process. Out to a meeting? We can take messages, need a sale, we can screen the calls and then divert to you. Whatever your need we provide it within our leading professional virtual call answering packages.

Our call answering service and London telephone numbers give your business instant prestige and will help impress your client, all for a fraction of the cost of a real London PA.

Our team answers calls in your company’s name using an 0203 number. You can also choose to use an existing number that you own, simply setup a divert to the number we provide you and we will answer your calls seamlessly. As soon as someone is trying to get in touch, we’ll answer the call for you and send the message to your email address. You can even tell us to transfer really important callers direct to your phone.

We include unlimited calls without any additional cost per call. Our answering times are 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Outside of hours calls will go into a private voicemail which can be personalised by you.

Call answering service for small business

Answering during business hours

Our team operate between 9am and 5.00pm - prime business hours - making sure that your customers hear a friendly voice on the end of the phone. If your customer is calling to order.

All UK-based

The cheapest call answering services farm your customers and suppliers to overseas contact centres. Call handlers not based in the UK tend to result in much lower levels of client satisfaction than the positive feelings a customer experiences when their call is being answered by a member of staff here in Britain. As far as we're concerned, when we're answering your calls, we are your employee and we take your customers' satisfaction very seriously.

All calls human-answered

We don't ask customers to hold before they speak to one of your outsourced handling team - as soon as your customer's call is answered, they speak with one of our trained operatives.

We take a name, a number, and a message

Whether we're answering a sales call, a service call, or a call from one of your suppliers, we'll take as much information down from the call as possible so that, when you or one of your colleagues picks up your messages, you have all the information you need to prepare for a successful outcome.

Tell us how you want us to answer your call

We're your call centre and we do things your way. Let us know how you want us to greet callers at the start and the end of the call. Give us as much information as you can so that, when we're training our team to answer calls on your behalf, we sound as if the call is being answered in your office by one of your very own employees.

Flexible call diversion service

Some calls are more important than others. Let us know who it is you want to take calls personally from and we'll make sure that their calls reach the number you give to contact you on us straight away. This is not included but will be charged at an additional cost.

Full reporting

As soon as we've taken a call for you, we'll send you the caller's name, contact details, and the message to you or the member of the team that you nominate. Messages are sent instantly and automatically to your email address.

Our operators know who you are and what they want

Before we start answering your calls, we will get to know you and your business. We'll understand what you sell, how you work, and the relationship you have with your customers. As far as your customers are concerned, they must believe that, when we answer the call, we're your actual employee sitting in your office, not part of an outsourced messaging service.